Thursday, 17 June 2010

and the planets start to align....

(and i don't really mean in a good way)

you know i mentioned i was thinking about going to York?

well. i'm going. (D's not, he's staying home, but that's OK.) i'm going to go out and dance and see my old friends and pretend everything's ok.

i'm staying at my friend's house, where i stayed last august, when i was pregnant but didn't yet know it.

and i discovered tonight that like that time, i'm sleeping on her sofa.

and like that, i take it as a sign. that this will be 'the month'.


i don't know why. last time didn't work out so well. i don't know why i want things to follow the same pattern.


the irony is, i'll probably ovulate this weekend. while i'm away from D. it's incredibly unlikely that this will be the month.

ah well.

1 comment:

Kate.Kingsley said...

Hope you have a good weekend 'Deviating' ;-)

ps: will reply to your fb mesage asap, haven't been able to get online much recently