Friday, 4 June 2010

back in the beginning, when i was still pregnant - #2


October 10, 2009 by nongeordiemum

I haven’t really had any. Not yet.

I’ve been needing to eat, though. Pretty much constantly. And the easiest things to eat have been cake. Biscuits. Ice cream. That kind of stuff. It’s not that I’ve been craving the unhealthy… I suppose it’s just that that stuff is easier to eat. And because the sickness tends to be because your blood sugar gets too low, that kind of stuff – the sugary stuff that hits your bloodstream quite fast – is also the kind of food that relieves the nausea pretty quickly.

It’s finally starting to change, though. Today I ate a nectarine mid-afternoon. And instead of wanting to eat cake, or one of the cereal bars, or a bowl of ice cream – I wanted to eat another. I’ve made carrot cake tonight (yum!), and when I went to Asda for the wholemeal flour and the carrots (yeah, the key ingredients), I picked up a melon and a papaya. And honestly, I could sit down and finish both of them. And have another nectarine for afterwards. Fruit cravings rock.

I won’t eat all the fruit tonight, though. I need to try the carrot cake. It would be rude to the cake not to eat it while it’s warm.

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lis said...

i craved fruit all the time in those early days and beyond. ill just bet you were having a girl too, B.

and she's still with you. she always will be.

B said...

thank you so, so much lis.