Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Dr Spock's Pregnancy Guide review

One more review. I promise i'll stop after this one. (Unless I find anything particularly out of the ordinary I suppose.)

(Again this was written on Wednesday last week)


Dr Spock's Pregnancy Guide by Dr Marjorie Greenfield.

This isn't by Dr Spock, but is published by the company set up in his name. I expected stillbirth to at least crop up in the index, but it didn't. Again, miscarriage appears, but takes up only a tiny percentage of the finished product. This might be partly because Greenfield states:

“I have tried to focus on the questions my patients most often ask me, and the issues to which I bring a unique perspective.”

So maybe noone asks about stillbirth and hardly anyone about miscarriage. Maybe this doctor has never had much experience with pregnancy loss. (In fact, I think this is likely to be the case; in talking about overdue babies, she says that instead of focussing on the due date women could have a more useful mantra of All babies come out, pregnancy won't last forever, there really will be a baby, which doesn't sound like the thought pattern of someone who's been close to stillbirth or neonatal death. )

And maybe she's right. Maybe even if your baby is fated to die that's still a better thought pattern to have than focussing on why your baby isn't born yet. I don't know. But that 'there really will be a baby' part... it's hard to read. Because sometimes the baby that's born doesn't live. Sometimes the baby dies before it's even born.

I can't understand how these things aren't included.


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'All babies come out, pregnancy won't last forever, there really will be a baby.'


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thanks illanare.

catherine - it's not the mantra of someone who has known babyloss, is it?