Tuesday, 6 July 2010

excuse my french

even fucking trent reznor and his fucking wife are fucking pregnant.

they've been married five minutes.*

it's not fair.

(* or maybe nearly nine months. whatever.)


Illanare said...


biojen said...

What kind of crap is that?! Not fair, not fair at all.

I'm sorry.

And what the hell is wrong with celebrities that announce pregnancies before the third trimester? Don't they know what could happen? Idiots. Although it sounds like they these two are trying to stay more private than most.


mare said...

I second your frustrations! Unfair and stupid.

B said...

thank you all.

jen, believe it or not, they hid her pregnancy until she was past six months pregnant. goodness knows how.

i wish them a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby - but still. i just wish they could have had theirs after i got to have one myself.

gah. it's just not fair.