Friday, 16 July 2010

facebook hate

the latest 'copy and paste this status' thing has just appeared in my news feed. to quote.....
'To all the mums who have traded eyeliner for dark circles, salon haircuts for ponytails, long showers for hairy legs, late nights for early mornings, designer handbags for nappy bags.... and wouldn't change a thing... lets see how many mums repost this. Mums don't care, whatever they give up. They love what they get in return. repost this if your a mum and love your kids ♥ ♥'
(typos not mine, believe me.)

so, yeah. motherhood? doesn't really look like this to me. to me, it's wearing a pendant. it's remembering the dates of my baby's tiny, tiny life.

it's doing all i can to accept that my husband doesn't see us as parents. even though we are, we are.

i would give up anything to have my baby back. to change what happened.

and the kicker is that the woman in question stays up all night to play facebook poker then sleeps into the afternoon every day, refuses to deal with her children except when it's convenient to her (to the extent that she will call her bf from a different room to pick something up the baby has dropped even when she's sitting right next to him), drank heavily (and i mean heavily) throughout her pregnancy, smoked constantly throughout her pregnancy... i could go on.

and she has never suffered babyloss.

and it's all i know.

i fcking hate facebook.


Illanare said...

We should start our own cut and paste post:

To all the mums who have traded hope for despair, joy for sadness, late nights for early morning BBT taking, designer handbags for fertility drugs...and would change so many things in a heartbeat if they could...let's see how many babyloss mums repost this. Repost if you're a mum and miss your children.♥ ♥

I hate In Yer F@cebook too. Hugs.

Melissa said...

I prettymuch only use facebook for playing stupid games to fill my time than for being social anymore.

Mine is a minefield of people who don't know what hardship is gushing about wonderful it is that god gives us blessings and posting pictures of their kids constantly.

It's not a friendly experience for me, anymore.

Rachel said...

I'm with you on this one. Hate facebook too. Every time I go on these days, I wonder why. Constant preg. announcements, baby pics, and postings like the one you're talking about. Why do we torture ourselves?

You are a mom, don't let anyone tell you differently.

biojen said...

FB was one of the first casualties of this part of my life. I just couldn't stand all the "I got so drunk last night while my mom watched the baby I never take care of" posts that I just shut it off.

Real motherhood is really loving your baby, for whatever time he or she is with you, not loving the "status" of being a mother.

You are a beautiful mother.

B said...

thank you all for your lovely comments. thank you all for understanding.