Friday, 2 July 2010


Have you heard of PostSecret? You can write your secrets on a postcard and send them anonymously to an address in America. There are

Anyone, the fourth secret this week breaks my heart.

For anyone who is reading this after the new one is posted, it will (hopefully) still be visible here. But if not, it reads...

This is a piece of origami paper that was folded into a crane, and made to hang above my son's crib. He died 2 weeks ago after living just one week. For 9 months he was my muse, and I created so many beautiful things for him. Now I'm afraid I'll never be able to craft again.
i wish i knew how to reach out to this mother. i wish i could tell her she was not alone. i wish she could hear about glow in the woods.

i wish no one else would ever have to join us there.


(i meant to post this on monday and only just remembered. i hope it's not too late. i think these secrets will only be up til sunday morning)


Angela said...

I saw that on Sunday. I wanted to reach through my computer and give that mama a hug. Since it's anonymous - is there a way to reach out to her? I wonder if someone in Internet land knows. I want her to know she is not alone.

B said...

i wish i knew angela :( it breaks my heart. i wish i knew what to do.

it took me about five weeks to find glow, and then someone linked me from i've always been grateful to that stranger for taking the time to post the link, not knowing whether i would see it or not. i hope someone can do the same for her.

Angela said...

I heard about it via Facebook. Someone posted on the birth center's page: tell her to go to Glow. Now I want to tell that to every baby loss mama.

Catherine W said...

Heartbreaking. It took me nearly four or five months to find Glow in the Woods I think. I'm glad I did and I hope she find her way there too.