Thursday, 12 August 2010

#1 of 3: today is a little easier

i wrote that last post last night. i feel that i should point out that i'm actually doing a bit better today. i actually managed some work today. earlier this week it was all i could manage to sit and stare at my screen, so this really seems like progress.

i also feel capable of making proper food for tea. last night it was oven chips and oven burger thing. tonight i had wholemeal pita pizzas with vegan cheese and tons of veg. go me.

(i won't tell you about all the cake i've eaten today though. i'll pretend i'm healthy and just eating all the senzzzible stuff. honest.)

i won't pretend that i had the perfect day. i didn't. when i remembered that tomorrow is the year anniversary of the conception of my tiny little snowflake, i felt like my stomach had been left at the top of a rollercoaster. i felt hollow and a little bit sick.

but still. today is better than yesterday and the day before that, and that's the important thing.

(i wrote the most amazingly giant post. it was over 1220 words. i decided that was just ridiculous so i'm posting it in three sections. sorry about so many posts in one night but they do all belong together. kind of.)


R. said...

anniversaries are so difficult. I wish you strength to get through a hard day.

Jenn said...

B, so glad to see you've had a better day. Hugs, hope tomorrow is just as good, even with the anniversary.

Illanare said...


B said...

thank you all x