Thursday, 12 August 2010

#3 of 3 (the NHS is good and my GP surgery is excellent)

i would also like to say that my GP surgery has been absolutely amazing. i have seen my GP an awful lot, and she has been very supportive. re counselling - if i just needed generic counselling i could access that through my GP's surgery without anywhere near such a long wait. thing is, i've had counselling and CBT in the past and am very self-aware and know exactly what my problems are - largely that i hold contradictory beliefs (believing every month i'm pregnant vs believing i will never get pregnant) and that i will need help and support being able to deal with pregnant people, because i can't avoid them forever (and tbh i think that when if i ever get to be a pregnant person myself i think i'll find myself incredibly difficult to live with) i need more guided, specific help than just CBT or someone to go and talk to once a week. if i was suicidal or self-harming i would be seem immediately (and they asked the question last night).

ironically if i was actually pregnant i'd be seen a lot sooner too. they have a separate perinatal service. it makes me laugh. purely because the alternative is crying.

i don't want you all to think the NHS hasn't been looking after me. they have been amazing. if i ever move away from my doctor's surgery i will be devastated.

(jesus. this post is ridiculously long. i have split it into three. 1229 words is far too many for one blog post.)


Catherine W said...

I'm glad. I got most of my support through referrals straight through the hospital and I wasn't too sure how it would work trying to get anything from a GP surgery. It's good that they are looking after you.

And I'm sure I've written blog posts of over 1229 words. Blushes. Runs. x

B said...

i think it varies greatly from place to place catherine.

also, you get people commenting on your posts, even the very long ones. i don't always :s