Sunday, 22 August 2010

happiness today - hope tomorrow

the very lovely miss ruby gave me an award. eleven days ago.

i've not accepted it yet, because it involves being happy about something. and to be honest, i haven't been happy about anything this last couple of weeks. but i think it's a great award, and i hope it spreads through the blog world.

here's miss ruby's take on the why....

'infertility (and many other things in life)
makes you focus on the future
your desire is for a future event
even if you manage to get knocked up
get a successful adoption placement
it's still a future event
so we're constantly looking forward
looking to the future
focussing on happiness we may achieve then


what about the now?

what about what is making us happy in this moment
in this very instance?'

which- well. i'm not going to argue with that!

so here's the rules:
'all you have to do is

put that picture
yup that one up there
on your blog


blog about one thing you're happy about
right now
one thing that you're hoping for in the future'

so here i go.

i'm happy that i joined the gym.
i'm happy that i just got invited to my friend's wedding
(especially because she gets married where D and i did, and i love the place)
i'm happy that i'm my sister's bridesmaid when she gets married in september

(that's three for the price of one!)

and what do i hope for?

i know you all know that i hope that one day i'll have a living baby.

so it would be a con to use that!

so i will tell you that i hope that D and i stay happily married for as long as we can.


this is as far as the post got last night. but i forgot that i was supposed to pass it on.

the thing is, when you're deep deep down in the depths you sometimes can't find the happy anywhere. and i don't want to put unnecessary pressure on anyone. that's not what this is about!

so if you are listed over there (points to the right), then i give you the choice to accept this award.


(i've just realised that there were blogs not listed that should have been. i'm sorry if you were one of them! if we're friends, or if i leave comments on your blog, and you're not listed, please shout. it's an oversight, not a rejection. i promise.)


i ended up deleting the original post and replacing it with this as the post didn't show up as new in google reader. sorry for any confusion.


R. said...

I am glad you found so many things to be happy about!

Illanare said...

I will put your hopes with mine - strength in numbers :-)

Miss Ruby said...

A happy strong marriage is something I hope to have as well....if we're still together after everything we've been through, well I don't think there's anything I can do to push him over the edge! LOL

Jenn said...

3 happy things, yay!