Sunday, 15 August 2010

i don't know how i hadn't realised, but next week is going to be really difficult for me.

on 24th august we have our first appointment for fert.ility testing.

on 25th august it's the nine month anniversary.

on 26th august it's exactly a year since we found out i was pregnant.

i'm not quite sure what to do. should i take leave? or would it be better to be in work, not sitting at home aware of every passing minute?

i guess i have a week or so to figure it out.


R. said...

That will be an incredibly difficult week. For me, I think I would want distractions so that my mind doesn't obsess. Do what you need for you. Maybe even something for yourself?

therootofallevel said...

you should TOTALLY work. then after work each night you should treat yourself. finding something to fill your time will help. i promise.

Big Love, Big Acceptance - or so I say said...

I think we're all different on this one.

For me, I benefit from time off on a hard day. But I am a die-hard introvert and re-fuel from time alone.

I liked my therapist told me last week as I shared how frustrating it is sometimes to have other family members express their worry about me. She said she doesn't experience me as fragile - I'm not deeply depressed or suicidal (both of which I agree with), but she does experience me as extremely vulnerable (again, true for me). So for me, on "big" anniversaries -it feels good to fall apart and not worry about how to hold it together in front of others as my way of taking care of them.

Obviously I don't really know you. I hope you're able to do whatever YOU need to do.

Illanare said...

What an awful week. I would personally go to work in the hope that it would distract, even if only momemtarily. But then do something Very Nice Indeed each evening.

Hugs and will be thinking of you. You also know where I am if you need me. xx

B said...

i think i'm going to plan to work, but tell my line manager (who is great) what is going on and that i might need to take leave at short notice. which should really be ok, as the guy i work for's on leave that week. but yes, i think i will plan Nice Things for the evenings. thank you all.

it's going to be hard whatever happens. i'm glad it'll be a quiet week.

biojen said...

I didn't really realize until this past Friday that this month was going to be rough. I am making good friends with my bottle of tequila right now. I'll send you a virtual margarita and warm hugs and cry along with you. Take care, B, I hope it's not too hard on you.

Jenn said...

Oh B, what a week. I think your plan sounds good, work during the day and do nice things for yourself in the evening.

B said...

thank you jen and jenn.

tequila always sounds good.