Tuesday, 17 August 2010

i owe so many people email and so many people blog comments. i'm thinking of you all and i haven't forgotten you; i'm just very overwhelmed at the mo. ironically, now i'm feeling better in myself, i'm feeling even more overwhelmed by the weight of everything that needs to be done.


i went to the GP today and she's tweaked my antidepre.ssant dosage and timings. let's hope it helps eh?


following on from this post, i have two relax.ation cds that i got from work about 18 months ago. one's ten minutes or so, the other is 40 minutes long. i've done the short one most days in the last week or so. i did the long one today. usually when i do either of them, i stay conscious - i don't 'drift off' or anything. today, i did - until one of my neighbours started clattering round outside, anyway. not long into it. still, i think that's progress.

i plan to call the gym about joining tomorrow and hope to go for a swim tomorrow night.

and i've been eating a more realistic amount of food the last few days. my weight is going down, just a little, but it's the right direction.

and i'm going to bed as soon as i finish this, and might actually get 8 hours sleep during the week for once.

i'm not there yet. i have a long long way to go.

but i'm moving in the right direction.

yay me.


cd12 today. our chances of conce.iving this cycle are minute. a) we have a fertili.ty testing appointment and can't DTD sunday-tuesday next week. b) i'm away without D the weekend after that. and the chances are that i'll be fe.rtile in one or the other of those times.



trousers said...

So glad you're moving in the right direction.

Yay you, most definitely x

Illanare said...


Miss Ruby said...

You're sounding more upbeat honey, like you have direction and are determined to move in the right way.


Catherine W said...

Good for you. Sounds like you are taking loads of positive steps.

Hanen said...

So glad to hear it feels like things are slowly turning for you. But I share your TTC frustrations - fingers crossed for you. xxh

Jenn said...

Bummer this cycle doesn't seem like it will be the one, but so glad you're doing things to take care of yourself. Hubby and I recently got bikes and the exercise and being outdoors has done a lot of good for me. Hope you got your 8 hours last night! :)

B said...

thank you all. i do feel much better this last week. i know i'll still go down again at some time - quite possibly next week tbh - but i'll enjoy the up while i can.