Wednesday, 18 August 2010

i went to bed early last night. well, early for me anyway. yay me!

... well, i got in bed early. then i was unable to sleep. til just before midnight. then i woke up at 6. 8 hours sleep fail.

but still, i slept well. and as i woke up half an hour before my alarm, i did the 10 minute relaxation thing before i got up. and i did the 41 minute cd when i got home. AND i went swimming. go me.

of course it's 11.30pm and i should've been in bed an hour ago. tiny steps.....

i'm trying to decide whether to join a gym at a local hotel. it's not too far from home, but in the opposite direction to work. it's not exactly cheap, but the facilities are FAR nicer than any of the local council places. and if (IF) i get (ever) pregnant i can freeze my membership if i want to. and the people (both the members and staff) seemed nice when i was there tonight.

but we can't afford it. especially not after barcelona.

but we can, kinda. it just means shuffling money round a bit and taking longer to pay off the credit cards.

and when i was having acupuncture that cost nearly twice as much.



it just occurred to me that it might be a good idea to check that there are no pregnant people involved in any of the events i'm going to in York the weekend after next.

one fb message sent. will text the other person tomorrow.


i also want to stop blogging every day. it's a bit exhausting. but i keep needing too. arrrgh.


lis said...

yay for a successful day ;)
i sense glimmers of happiness in there somewhere, i only hope they last

R. said...

I'm glad you had a good day. Thanks for commenting on my blog, don't be shy! :) I hope tomorrow is good as well!

Illanare said...

Tiny steps yes, but a flying start!

Hugs x

Miss Ruby said...

If joining the gym will make YOU feel better, sod the money and do it. One of my favourite sayings [much to Guvnors horror] is that it's only money and you'll always get more.

I agree that it's a wise decision to check if there will be any knocked up's at any of your events! Better to be prepared!


Jenn said...

Baby steps, baby steps. :) You're doing fantastically and I know you'll only get better. If joining the gym just isn't going to pan out financially, you could consider doing exercise outdoors - riding bikes, walking, etc. It does such good things for my mood when I get outside in the sunshine and fresh air to exercise. Happy hugs to you today!

B said...

i joined! i have swam twice and today did a (short!) gym session and then a VERY hard beginners pilates class. monday i'm trying a step class. i am really liking it so far :)