Wednesday, 11 August 2010

the irony is....

that only two or three weeks ago, i was actually a little disturbed by how OK i was. i was sad about being happy. i was feeling bad about feeling ok.


I talked a while ago on the other blog about the waiting list for counselling. (for those who can't be bothered to click the link, i'll summarise thus: it's ridiculously long.) at the weekend, i received a letter asking me to have a screening appointment either over the phone or in person.

i went along today. apparently the guy i met has been asked to screen the waiting list, to make sure that the people on it a) still want to be on the list and b) couldn't be supported or dealt with in a different way.

apparently i definitely belong on the list.

on the bright side, apparently somewhere around half the people screened so far have dropped off the list for various reasons; either they don't need support any more, or they're going to get some other kind of help. so i guess i'll be getting help sooner.

doesn't help me right now. but still. yay?


Illanare said...


Thinking of you, sweetie.

biojen said...

Are you able to see a GP and get a prescription in the meantime? Assuming you want one, of course.

Of all the services to have a long waiting list for, that one seems very bizarre to me. What happens if someone is suicidal? Or like me is just so depressed and angry that they are seriously considering hurting themselves? Are they put on a waiting list? Our health care system here in the states has to be one of the worst in the world, but that kind of wait for mental health really baffles me.

Catherine W said...

I'm glad. I found that counselling really helped me. Well, it was either that or the various prescriptions ;)
I must have lucked out with the NHS in my area as they were very supportive. Sad to hear that it doesn't seem to be the case everywhere. x

B said...

i'm still on antidepressants, which is helping. i know the support is coming, and in the meantime i have my gp, and the work counsellor if i need it. i'll get through, i suppose.