Friday, 27 August 2010

*is scared*

at the beginning of february i went to York for the day and it was really, really scary to go away from D. even just for 24 hours.

today, once i finish work, i'm going to York. without D, who's staying at home. i'll be there for two nights. i've got up very early this morning because i'm not at all ready and need to pack, but all i've done is sit around watching BBC News (you know you're up too early if Breakfast News hasn't started yet) and mope.

honestly, i just want to get back in bed and stay there. i want to wrap my arms around my husband, fall back asleep and know that if i need him, he's there.

i know my friends will look after me. and i'll see my parents tomorrow afternoon and they'll look after me too. but i will miss D. i'll miss knowing that if i have a meltdown he'll be able to look after me.

and i feel like such a wimp for it. i used to be the girl who'd go anywhere alone without a second thought. now, even overnight without my husband and i'm a wreck before i've even left. (although to be fair i'll probably be ok once i'm on my way.)

right. time to get in the shower, else i'll never make it out in time.


Miss Ruby said...

Have a good time!

And I know exactly what you're feeling...I'm D-R-E-A-D-I-N-G spending 3.5 weeks away from Guvnor, it will be the longest [and furthest] we've ever spent apart in 11 years of being together. Before now, the longest has been 4 days when I was living in London and him up north and then since we've been living together, it's been 2 nights.

I'm sure I'll be fine once I get going too but it's just that initial leaving him AND being on the other side of the world LOL it's gonna feel right weird!

I hope you manage to experience some relaxation this weekend, even if it's just a tiny bit!

Big hugs!!


trousers said...

I hope it goes ok - I'm sure you'll be looked after, and I hope you cope with the difficult bits, and enjoy the rest xx

(oddly, I just scrolled down to type in the word verification and it's "copereh" - coper, eh?)

B said...

thank you miss r. we'll look after you while you're with us at least :) and yes it's the actually going that's the hardest part. from there everything gets easier.

thanks trousers - they are good friends so i'm sure they'll look after me. and i choose to see the word veri as a good sign :)

Illanare said...

Argh - I empathise - and you know where I am if you need me .

Hope you have a good weekend xx

Jenn said...

I know how you're feeling and it sucks. Hope it lifts a bit once you've gone and you end up having a lovely time.

Sue said...

I've been thinking about you since I read this on Friday. Hope you had a lovely time. ((Hugs)) xx

B said...

thank you all. it helped knowing people were thinking of me. x