Monday, 30 August 2010

it was a nice weekend. thank you to those who were thinking of me, it helped. sorry it's taken me a little while to update - i actually got back yesterday but haven't been on the computer since.

i had fun. it was good to see my friends. we went to a night on friday for the hen night, and then onto an indie club night afterwards. i spent ages dancing to indie classics (and a random lady gaga cover), in heels and everything. it was fun!

then on saturday my friend's birthday party was at her house. there was pringles, and cake, and plenty of alcohol.

and no pregnant people, and no conversations to make me upset.

but at the end, one conversation started off about education but ended up on how fast kids grow, and how toddlers make parents into bad dancers, and other related things. and i was ok at first, but as the conversation wore on with no signs of going onto easier topics, my friend caught my eye and mouthed 'are you ok?'. and really, i wasn't. it wasn't upsetting me, but it was making me deeply sad to hear how much those people loved their kids. and seeing as it was past 2am, i decided it would be easier to go to bed.

i miss being able to listen to conversations like that and just being happy for people and a little bit jealous because we weren't trying yet.


random fact: there's a driving school in newcastle called 'DBM'. for those not in the know, to me that acronym means 'Dead Baby Mama'. it was a bit freaky seeing it blazoned on top of a car the other day.


mare said...

I am so glad you had a nice weekend! I kept coming by this weekend to stare at your blog and wonder how you were.

The name of the driving school would definitely be startling out of the blue.


R. said...

I'm glad you had a good time away and you seemed to handle yourself very well during the conversation. It should only get easier for you.

Miss Ruby said...

Yay I am SO glad that you had a good weekend and even HAPPIER that you didn't have to encounter any difficult "roadblocks" while you were enjoying it!


Jenn said...

B, it makes me happy to hear you had such a nice time. And I would have thought the same thing, seeing a sign that read DBM.

Catherine W said...

The DBM car thing would completely freak me out too! They probably have absolutely no idea.

B said...

thank you all!

i wish i could have a weekend like that with you all.