Tuesday, 24 August 2010

our appointment is this afternoon.

i'm scared.

i don't know what we'll find out.

but also, there's this.

if something is wrong with me i'll need to share. to talk about what's wrong and how we move forward.

if something is wrong with D, i'll need to share. to talk about what's wrong and how we move forward.

but if something is wrong with D, he'll need to keep it secret.

how do i reconcile this?


Miss Ruby said...

Honey I wish I had the magic answer when it came to males and their health. It's not just 'yours' they're a cagey when it comes to talking about their health, as if it makes them somehow less of a man.

Sending you big squishy hugs for this afternoon. I hope you get some answers but then I also hope you don't IYKWIM?


Anonymous said...


You cannot reconcile it you just have to remember that D is your partner whom you love and respect his wishes.

He is hurting as much as you are.

It is an extremely difficult time for both of you. May the outcome be a happy one.

mare said...


Angela said...

I hope everything goes well this afternoon, Beth. Since you are there and I am here, chances are you're already at your appointment. I'm thinking of you and sending many good thoughts and prayers. As for your husband, I think you have to respect his wishes, even though you will want to (and maybe even need to) talk about what is going on. It's hard, but men do not like to talk about their reproductive health. Us women are much more comfortable with the topic. No matter the outcome, be there for each other and love each other.

Helen said...

I hope it goes well for you (or 'as gone' - didn't realise it was so late now today).

Maybe you don't need to decide what to do re sharing any information yet ~ if there are tests the results may take a little while to come through and while that is frustrating it will buy you some thinking time on this.


Catherine W said...

Hope that all went OK this afternoon.

I don't know how to reconcile the two needs.

My hubs knows that I write a blog and that I use my real name and our children's real names. He's never asked to read it or asked what I write about. As he seems puzzled (if not a little weirded out!) by the whole 'blogging' thing, I tend to leave him out of it really. Much as I don't want to at times!