Friday, 20 August 2010

seen the other evening.

Do you see what I see?



Illanare said...


Miss Ruby said...

Dammit, can you ask them if they can have another say end of October, start of November? I'm sure Guvnor would be mighty impressed if I came home from the UK with a baby :-D, it would be like the last time I went to the UK - went single, came back married.

If. Only. It. Were. That. Easy.


B said...

i'll buy us one each. i'll bring 'em to manchester.

i wish............ oh god how i wish.

Melissa said...

I am not picky about slightly used, I will however, insist on living.

B said...

melissa, i think that's entirely reasonable.

Jenn said...

Man, I could be talked into mortgaging the house for a sale like that. Sigh.