Tuesday, 3 August 2010

sorry for the unannounced absence. i seem to be the last person left on the whole internet who doesn't like to announce in advance that she's going on holiday in case the burglars take it as an open invitation to work out where i live. D and i went to Barcelona for just under a week, then i was only back overnight before going off to my sister's hen night in chester (she gets married in september). i got back on monday and since then i've been trying to catch up with myself.

i wasn't warned in advance that there was no only one but two visibly pregnant people (22 and 24 weeks) going on my sister's hen do. i think my mum thought my sister had told me and my sister thought my mum had. it was horribly hard. nearly impossibly hard. and the wifi at the hotel was too bloody expensive so i couldn't even get on the internet to vent. i do actually need to talk about it but i'll save it for another time. i have loads of blog posts in various formats and i'd like to post them in order.

in ttc news, my BBT dropped today. i only ovulated on day 24 and today is day 32. that's an 8 day luteal phase, and that's not long enough. i keep hoping against hope it turns out to be an implantation dip, but it's too late for that really. shit. my chart's here if anyone wants to try and make sense of it.

will post the delayed posts in the next few days. how are you all doing? hope you're OK?


Miss Ruby said...

Ugh nothing worse than being blindsided by unexpected pregnant bellies...at least if you're given notice, it gives you time to prepare and "steel" yourself and sometimes even that doesn't work.

I'm sorry you had to deal with that hon.

I replied to your email (sorry about the delay - screwed head this past weekend!).

Good to see you back, hope you enjoyed Barcelona!


Angela said...

Welcome back! I missed you.

Sorry you were unexpectedly forced to deal with pregnant women. Life is so darn unfair sometimes.

Thank you for the postcard. It arrived on a tough day.

mare said...

That sucks that you were surprised with pregnant women. I am sure you felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath you.

I have been stalking your chart... and I noticed that your temp went up again today. I am no charting expert, but I don't think 8dpo is too late for an implantation dip.

B said...

thank you miss r. i got the email, will reply soon. trying to catch up. and yeah, unexpected pregnant bellies are so so hard to deal with :(

thank you angela! i'm glad the postcard arrived and hope it helped on that bad day.

thanks mare. i'd misremembered about implantation dips, i thought they were normally earlier, but you're right, they are normally 7-8DPO. i hope there is still hope for this month......

Illanare said...

Glad you are back, have missed you.

Sorry about the double-whammy blindsiding. Pregnant tums are hard enough to deal with (I find), but unexpected ones - urgh.

Holding out hope for you for an implantation dip... xx

B said...

thanks illanare. if only it had been :(