Thursday, 9 September 2010

because i am a fckng idiot, instead of doing any of the three bajillion things i need to do tonight, i went to the supermarket (somewhat justifiable, but not the best use of my time) and then made vegan chocolate cheesecake.

which in NO UNIVERSE was a sensible use of my time.

i mean, i hope it tastes nice and all that, and hopefully everyone in work tomorrow will enjoy it..... but honestly, there were five billion (is that less or more than three bajillion?) useful things i could've done tonight, and that wasn't any of them.


in other possibly-connected news, since i realised that i need more sleep at the mo, i have not let myself get a second more than i was doing before.

i think that all i actually need is one.single.good.night's.sleep, and then i'll be able to cope with the next couple of weeks which i know will be stressful. but i think tonight was the last window of opportunity, and now it's gone.


(and of course, i didn't have to blog about it, did i.........?)


car said...

Heck, I would have started eating the cheesecake myself and you saved it for work so things could be worse that way. Hope you got some rest after.

Catherine W said...

Mmmmmm chocolate cheesecake. I hope the people at work appreciate it! What a delicious Friday treat.

I always have the feeling that if I could get one.good.night's.sleep I would be a functional human being! But I've decided I'm just a somnolent type! A bit like a dormouse!

Miss Ruby said...

Did someone say CHOCOLATE anything!?! Yummo!! Your work colleagues are indeed spoilt! Re having other things to do - meh, baking/cooking is MUCH more fun!!

I hear you on the sleep, I actually can't remember the last time I slept right through the night without waking up - the witching hour seems to be my call - without fail every night I wake up at some point between 3am and 4am.

Hope you get your one nights good sleep soon hon!


R. said...

That cheesecake sounds delish so I totally think it was a good use of your time. I hope you get a good night's sleep soon.

Illanare said...

I hope you get a proper night's sleep soon. In the meanwhile please know that I shall be dreaming of chocolate cheesecake (and may be hitting you up for the receipe...)

mare said...

So jealous your coworkers got the cheesecake. Chocolate and cheese and cake? Amazing.

Thinking about you this weekend and hoping you get some good rest.