Sunday, 26 September 2010

facebook hate #2

latest status update from one of my friends. she hasn't experienced a loss, but she has been an amazing support to me.

and i don't blame her for posting this. i'm not angry or anything; it's her status update, and i don't want to tell her what to write. and i don't want to hide her updates; i want to know what's going on in her life.

but when i read this i got that hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach once more.

i guess all these babies are alive.

i'm not even jealous. i'm just sad that i didn't get to meet my own baby.


Noelle said...

That would be the first thing I thought of as well when reading that update. I am sorry.

Rebecca Stonebridge said...

Facebook can be a pain sometimes.

I see photos of couples in love and see 'is now in a relationship with' updates and it hurts. I don't want to hide any updates but it still hurts. I know my relationship break up can't compare but I just want to say I share your hatred for Facebook.

It's hard seeing reminders.

Illanare said...

I'm with Noelle. It's all so freaking hard.

Miss Ruby said...

I don't try to be "tough" anymore, someone gets pregnant and their status updates on Fac.ebo.ok immediately get hidden. It's all about survival and I KNOW that I couldn't handle seeing them post almost everyday [because they ALWAYS do] about their pregnancy.

I still follow them but I CHOOSE when to go and see what they're up to and if it's too hard to read, I can just click away.

It is hard and I'm kind of tired of lots of things being so hard - when are we going to catch a freakin break?!?

Much love


Merry said...

Most of my fb list is on hide. I just can't deal with the fact that it doesn't occur to me that it causes me what feels like mortal pain to see or hear anything about babies. How can they not get it?

Merry said...

Doesn't occur to THEM. Bah at self.

Jenn said...

I steer clear of FB because it's too much. I was never a huge fan, but now, in the interest of self-preservation, I just stay away.

mare said...

Ugh, facebook. It is too much.