Saturday, 11 September 2010

i ovulated on the 19th December 2009, 21 days after the physical part of my miscarriage.

if i'd got pregnant that month, my due date would have been today.

i could have gone through an entire pregnancy by now. and yet here i sit, without a whiff of a baby in sight.

... it just seems wrong.


Miss Ruby said...

Oh B. I want to offer you all these wise words about not thinking about stuff like that, about not remembering dates, about moving forward but....

Well I can't.


Well because I've been "there" and visit "there" regularly and I know that the advice I want to give is impossible to not only give but also follow and in truth only foolish people who have never been "there", not even remotely close to "there" could only give you such advice and that person is not me believe me.

I have hope that you will get that whiff of a baby and what a whiff it will be.

I hope you enjoy tomorrow.


Illanare said...


R. said...

Those "anniversaries" are so difficult for me as well. For some reason, most of mine fall in January so that is always a rough time for me. Thinking of you today.

biojen said...

yes, it is very wrong.

We should have our babies. We should be blogging about teething and diaper rash and sleeping.

I have come to accept that building my family won't happen the way I expected, but I still want another baby so badly. I know it's so much harder for you and I wish I could do something.

I hope you can find some peace and happiness this year, and I really hope Christmas dinner is ruined by morning sickness. I won't stop hoping for that for you.

car said...


Hanen said...

arg. I hate that. One of the things I found most comforting about pregnancy was the set schedule - things always moved progressively forward. Until they didn't - and we were back in the land of long babyless months. I hope we reach the border soon, both of us. xxxxh

Jenn said...

((hugs)) B. Sending lots of love and hugs your way.

mare said...

thinking of you B. xo.

B said...

it helps that you all understand. it's not fair that you do.