Thursday, 2 September 2010

so if you look at the labels at the bottom of the blog, the ones i use most often are:
  • babyloss
  • frustration
  • ttc
  • wishing things were different
yep. that sums up my life pretty well. it's nice when your blog really reflects your life, eh?

the wordle my blog makes is pretty. it also sums things up pretty well.

make yours here.


Illanare said...


Illanare said...

And, I hope you don't mind but I've made my own as well.

Hugs to you

lis said...

those are always fun! what did illanare make up there? an eye? lol xoxo

B said...

lis, it's something that i keep meaning to add here somewhere - the thought that if you don't know what to say you can leave a stone to let me know you dropped by. my friend trousers suggested it here (on my other blog)

Kelly said...

Yuck. I'm sorry that seeing it is hurtful. I used to have one on my blog, too, but I took it down. As a teacher though, I love it!

mare said...

thinking of you and sending good thoughts and hugs.

Miss Ruby said...

Oh dear. It really makes you see what you blog about when you look at that. I used to have a categories list on my old blog but I don't on this blog because I just found it too depressing to look at, especially as I'm trying to be so much more upbeat on this blog [and failing spectacularly at times!].

Big hugs but know you're not alone.

And I have to say a massive thanks to trousers, the pebble idea is brilliant and it's worked out fantastically on my blog!


B said...

i do like the wordle kelly! i love them for when i'm writing stories too - makes it much easier to see if i'm overusing simple words, while being pretty to look at :)

thank you mare and miss r :)