Wednesday, 6 October 2010

apparently all i needed to have a proper cry was to really listen to songs by a Scottish rocker mourning the loss of his mum.

i would do anything for
another minute with you, cause
it's not getting easier
not getting easier

I would dig a thousand holes to lay next to you
I would dig a thousand more if I needed to
I look around the grave for an escape route of old routines
There doesn’t seem to be any other way

Cause I’ve started falling apart I’m not savouring life
I’ve forgotten how good it could be to feel alive

Crazy as it sounds you wont feel as low as you feel right now
At least that’s what I've been told by everyone
I whisper empty sounds in your ear and hope that you won’t let go
Take the pieces and build them skywards

we're going to see these guys in december. i kind of hope they play these songs, and kind of hope they don't.


mare said...

Just reading the lyrics made me tear up... I will be listening to that song after work.

I am glad you were able to cry and release some of those feelings.


Illanare said...


Catherine W said...

Mon the Biff!

Seriously now, a beautiful song and one that I've wept many tears over myself. Have a lovely time, I saw them at Reading more years than I care to remember and they were brilliant. Hubs and I loved their 'Infinity Land' album so much.

B said...

heh catherine, for some reason i didn't expect that response!

they are lovely songs.