Monday, 4 October 2010

IVF news stories

Thought some of you might find these interesting:

This looks at the selection of embryos and success rates.

Having IVF means that your chance of having a boy increases slightly (the article makes it sounds like it's suddenly 70-30, but actually it's 56-44 as opposed to 51-49).

This one talks about a test that gives you a better idea of your likely success with IVF.


i've still been mostly unable to cry. i did cry though at my counselling appointment this afternoon. it felt like a relief.

my counsellor thinks that repressed anger might be making it harder for me to cry. i'm going to try and work through that these next few days.


therootofallevel said...

don't beat yourself up about 'not-crying-all-hours-of-the-day-even-though-i-feel-like-i-want-to.' it doesn't mean that you aren't grieving any less than someone does.

i'm not much of a crier myself. in fact, i didn't cry until a few days AFTER my son was stillborn. i felt like the worst mother alive for not bursting into tears that fateful night, but i just couldn't… i still can't.

you put your grief/emotions into words. there is a lot to be said about that. you are dealing with your emotions the best way you know how --- your words will last longer than tears.

there is no wrong way to grieve. it's just different for us all. (we just happen to be alike, and i love that part of us!)

sending you my love. all of it!

Miss Ruby said...

I agree with the above, there is NO right way to grieve, everyone grieves the way they know how to, the way that feels right to them.

I grieve through words, I type it out, write it out, just to get it out. Yes I cry too [probably too much] but it's the writing that helps me the most.

Sending you warm squishy giant bear hugs your way! Not long til I can give you one for real!


Illanare said...

What the other two said, with added hugs and warm thoughts.

B said...

thank you all for understanding. you are lovely.