Friday, 15 October 2010


i'm very quiet at the mo. i'm still reading. and i'm commenting more than i have in a while. so i guess it balances out.


jess at after iris read a list of the names of babies who have been lost. i listened to the whole thing. it was amazing to hear my baby's nickname read out. and it was amazing to hear all those names together. it felt like they were very near while she was reading.

what she said at the end made me cry.


last night i posted about (inter)national pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. I said...


tonight i lit a candle tonight and remembered my baby, and all the other lost babies out there.


mare said...

tears. sending hugs. xo.

trousers said...


Miss Ruby said...

I spent an hour down at the beach last soul needed it.


Illanare said...

Remembering with you.

Hugs x

B said...

thank you all, my loves x