Friday, 8 October 2010

thank you all for your support yesterday. it helped so much.

i'm feeling better today. still tearful and upset and hurt and needing comfort, but better than yesterday.


i don't usually remember my dreams. but the last few months i've dreamed at least three times that i'm at an airport and that somehow i'm unable to catch the flight i'm due to be on.

i don't think it would take an expert to analyse that one, eh?


i'm starting to catch up on comments on other people's blogs. i'm not there yet but i'm getting there. i'm thinking of you all and i am so, so grateful for your comments and supports.


Illanare said...

Thinking of you too, and always here for you. In the blogosphere, IRL. Whenever.


Miss Ruby said...

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I missed my flight totally, wrong day, wrong time AND then they wouldn't book me on another one - MEH! How bad would that be, no holiday and NO MEET UP! OMG just the thought is scary!

I ASSURE you that I WILL NOT miss my flight, that you WILL have to put up with my annoying Aussie accent for 24 hours and that I WILL probably do at least 5 things to embarrass you during our time spent together!

Gee bet you're just hanging to meet me now eh?


Tearful & upset is GOOOOOD, means you're getting it out and NOT bottling it up, bottling is never good!

Did I remind you that it's ONLY 27 days til you get to meet my gorgeous self? Oh and the LOVELY Illanare of course! Well if not, guess what it's only 27 DAYS!

You'd think I was hopped up on caffeine wouldn't you going off this comment but no I'm not, I'm actually rather tired, after being awoken by dogs [I love them really but I'm looking forward to 3.5 weeks without them!] at 6am this morning!

Big hugs & I can't wait to do that IRL!


R. said...

take all the time you need, we will all be here when you come back. :)

mare said...


B said...

thank you illanare.

heh rach you make me smile :)

thank you R, and mare too.

Megan said...

B, just read your comment on my blog about murdering your husbands cell phone. Thanks :) I am now an avid reader of your blog. Thank you for sharing your soul with us!

cullensblessings said...

B I just wanted you to know I am here with you too.. thank you for all of your support.
I had a nightmare last night- it was awful.
I will post about it later....
love and grace- L

mare said...

Just stopping in to check on you. Thank you for your support. Thinking of you.