Thursday, 11 November 2010

yesterday i went back to work after being off sick for over six weeks.

it was really scary.

when i got home i didn't even take my coat off before flaking on the sofa. i dozed for over an hour then watched the Gilmore Girls. i felt so sick and dizzy.

but reassured. sick and tired are good signs, right?


this morning it took me an hour to get out of bed. while i was working up the energy, my brain decided to replay being in hospital, miscarrying my baby. it was really quite horrible.


it took me a while to get myself to have my breakfast. but i managed in the end. i ate more today than yesterday, in the hope it helped stave off the tiredness and nausea for longer.


i felt sick at lunchtime. but better after i'd eaten some crisps. (chips for my american readers.)

i wasn't exhausted this afternoon. tired but not exhausted. i didn't feel really sick.

the afternoons seem to be when i feel worst.

between that and the reruns going through my head this morning, and some random pains to each side of my abdomen, i'm busy being scared it's all over today.


Jenn said...

In all 5 of my pregnancies the nausea comes and goes - some days much worse, others much better (which makes me nervous, too) - but that's normal, I think.

Here's to hoping tomorrow you feel just plain awful. :)

Oh, also, pains are normal in healthy pregnancies, things are growing and stretching in there. My OB says it gets worse with each pregnancy.

Illanare said...


B said...

thanks jenn, that's really reassuring.

MK said...

My RE told me, feeling bad is good. It's when you stop feeling anything that you are in trouble.