Thursday, 2 December 2010

6 hours 40 minutes until my scan.

not freaking out, but my stomach feels hollow.

i know i need to eat breakfast or i'll be ill later, but i can't face it.

i only realised this morning that if i get bad news today i'll have two loss dates only one week apart.

i feel like typing that was tempting fate.

but i wish i'd realised it earlier and asked to change my scan date when i thought about it earlier.


i'm terrified.


i might not be able to update until later this evening but i will do as soon as i can.

thank you all for understanding.


Hope's Mama said...

Wishing and hoping for good news soon.

mare said...


car said...

You are probably in the middle of your scan right now and I hope so much that you have a big dopey "I got to see my baby wave at me" grin on your face for at least a few minutes.

Jorgelina said...

My thoughts are with you *hugs*

sarah said...

Will be thinking of you all day today, B.

Angela said...

Thinking of you, B. Sending good thoughts and wishes and lots of hope.