Friday, 21 January 2011

something has just occurred to me. i don't think i've ever mentioned except possibly in passing that i am currently undergoing CBT from a psychologist to deal with the Generalised Anxiety Disorder that i was slightly prone to even before babyloss and that has got a hell of a lot worse in the last 14 months.

it just suddenly occurred to me that this might explain me, my stress, my anxiety a lot better.

anyway. i have tonight started a blog to talk about my CBT and anxiety, but also to talk about my ongoing quest to try and tidy up my bloody house. however because of the nature of what i'm talking about i've set it up as an invite-only blog. comments will be on, but i am not open to anyone second guessing my therapist :) the tidying my house, however - anyone can kick my about that part!

if you want an invite to the blog please email me. you're all very welcome to read, but i don't want it to be open to the entire interweb :)


Illanare said...


Cathy said...

I wish you well with the CBT. My older son had very severe anxiety and at one point had to be hospitalised, but with a lot of CBT he has come out the other side. In the process he learned techniques which he still uses if he feels himself getting anxious. CBT does work.

Miss Ruby said...


And do I really need to ask?


Tears in November said...

I understand. I just finished therapy after 3 years. I began when we found out Devyn was sick, and continued. Soon after he died I ended up in an outpatient hospital program because of post traumatic stress and postpartum depression for several weeks. When that was through I continued therapy. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't done it. It did not make everything go away, but it taught me how to cope with the anxiety and feelings better.


Jorgelina said...

Can I be invited to your post?

B said...

J, of course, let me know which email you want me to use for the invite.

B said...

thanks all. i've had CBT before cathy and it did help. i'm glad this is the industrial-strength version with a side of psychotherapy though. i think it's what i need.

paula - 'It did not make everything go away, but it taught me how to cope with the anxiety and feelings better.' yep, that's exactly what i need. three years, that's a long time. i hope you're doing well still now you've finished.