Tuesday, 1 February 2011

i said before that i didn't want to be in my second trimester, that it didn't feel like a safe place to be.

it's been getting worse. now i'm further than i even thought i'd got last time, now i'm in uncharted territories, it feels like i'm on one of those old maps, where cartographers wrote 'here be dragons' because they didn't know what was out there. and it just feels like i'm waiting for one of the dragons to pick me off.


i've just had a nosebleed. a great one where the blood somehow managed to drain into my throat. eww. anyway, nosebleeds are a pregnancy thing, right??

yes, i'll clutch at any passing straw right now.


Kelly said...

Yes, they are. So are bleeding gums. All about the increase in blood flow or something.

So yes, that's a good thing! :)

Big Love, Big Acceptance - or so I say said...

I've gotten two nosebleeds with my pregnancy so far - I never get nosebleeds!

mare said...

Yes- I have had some nosebleeds recently.

Thinking of you B.


Anonymous said...

I get nosebleeds when stressed, really heavy bleeds. It could be a combination of that and pregnancy. If it happens again get checked out - anything over 15-20 mins is too much and could make you faint.

Take care. GD

Angela said...

"Here be dragons ..." Yes. I feel like I'm swimming with them.

Nosebleeds are most definitely a pregnancy thing due to increased blood flow.

Love to you and that babe of yours.