Saturday, 12 November 2011

The woman upstairs has been playing loud music for hours. She's driving me insane. Luckily the baby and the hubby are fast asleep.

(she's in her 50s and nice during the day. but at weekends she goes a bit mental and starts playing very loud music, often repeating the same tracks again and again AND AGAIN. not to mention the, errrm, let's just say *loud noises* that we often hear. In FAR too much detail. in contrast, the 20-something lad next door who's pretty rough looking we rarely hear. the one time he had a party and really disturbed us he was mortified to realise quite how much he'd disturbed us and promised not to do it again, and he hasn't.)




  • I found out for utterly-sure today that J has a tongue tie. I've thought so for a long time but have brought it to the attention of numerous medical professionals who's basically gone 'hmmmm' and then ignored me. I suspect this is the cause of his extreme weight gain: feeding extremely often to compensate for not getting as much milk as he should per feed. May also be related to his reflux issues and the fact he often chokes while feeding. Poor guy.
  • He also has a hydroceal on his tes.ticles and an umbical hernia. No one serious problem, but loads of little things.
  • While I need general anaesthetic (!) for a minor procedure on my ears. I'm a bit horrified. But my ears have been bad since mid-February and the (mean) consultant was insistent, saying it's important to find out whether there's an underlying cause of my recurring problems. Which is all very well but I'm pretty scared (read absolutely terrified) of the whole idea. Partly for me - I've waited so long for J. I don't want to be taken away from him. But mostly for J. What if something goes wrong? What if I have a bad reaction to the anaesthesia and die? Extremely unlikely but what the hell would he do without his mummy? I'd rather go deaf. Seriously. Deafness in one ear is a million times better. At the very, very least.
  • I also have either tendinitis or tenosynovitis in my left wrist. Got a referral for physio for next week - thankfully they put it through as urgent because I'm actually starting to have difficulty picking up J, who at nearly 19 weeks weighed 19lb 15. According to the chart, that's the weight of an average 9 month old. I used to find it amusing, before I realised that extremely rapid weight gain can be related to tongue tie.
  • You're supposed to be able to use moby wraps up to 35lb, but I was told today that 20lb is a more realistic weight limit as beyond that their weight means the wrap comes untied too easily. So I need to either figure out the mei tai I bought a while back (which is apparently Ok but not great) or invest in a woven wrap. Which wouldn't be too much of a problem but...
  • The car seat that is supposed to take J up to 13kg (incidentally I hate working in both kg and lb but need to use both) is going to need to be replaced soon, as although last time he was weighed he was only 9kg he's already nearly too long for it. Which is more of an issue because...
  • I found this website and now we're going to get him a rear facing group 1 seat, which will necessitate a trip to York - the nearest shop that stocks them. Bloody marvellous. If only we'd known beforehand...
  • The neighbour's boyfriend is just leaving (3am) and i went round to ask her to keep it down in future. (Maybe I should've waited til the morning but I'm pretty sure that if I did I never would have said anything.) I was nice about it and just said 'can you keep it down in future, the music's been pretty loud'. She responded by bitching in extremely vulgar terms about a problem we've been having with the drains that we thought we'd sorted out. I will talk to her in the morning, but seriously. I've never been entirely sure about her and it's nice to know she really is a nasty piece of work. (Well, not nice, but at least I know for sure.)
  • I am sick of living here.
  • But! I just realised I'm five months into my maternity leave. Which is nearly half way through what's planned. And honestly, right now, I can't imagine ever leaving him until he's much older. Which is an issue because I'm the major wage earner.
None of these is a major problem, but put 'em all together and mix with a bucketload of sleep deprivation and I'm finding life pretty tough right now.


stinkb0mb said...

sending hugs. they *may* all seem like minor problems to someone else but to you they important!

i understand the fear about the ear op, total normal reaction if you ask me!

as for the neighbour - want me to fly over and sort her out for ya?


Angela said...

That is a lot! Add it all together and I would be completely overwhelmed.

I hope the neighbor keeps it down in future, I absolutely hated living below loud people when we were first married.

B said...

Rach - oh god yes, come and sort her out! but apparently going into our back garden while you're here wouldn't be the best idea :)

Thanks Angela... it really does help when people agree that it's quite a bit.

Hope's Mama said...

I didn't know that about tongue tie. I might get Juliet looked at again, as she's gaining so much weight and she never lasts three hours between feeds. She's in six month size clothing at three months of age. Thanks for the tip on that. She may just be like me though, a good eater!!

Aoife said...

I have a neighbour who regularly crucifies "Adele" songs - she sings the same ones (badly) over and over and over... It's so f-ing irritating.

I'm sorry you have so much on your plate at the moment. I hope it all eases up soon for you.

On a separate note, I've spent the last week reading your archives and just wanted to say that I'm so sorry for all you've been through - losing Snowflake, ages ttc, and everything in between. I'm so glad that you now have J. It gives me such hope. I know another baby never takes away the pain, but it takes away the fear of never getting to mother a living child. And I'm really happy for you for that.

Imperatrix said...

Insomnia sucks. And it brings out the worry in all of us. Has J started on solids? That may help alleviate some of the frequent feedings (solids take longer to digest than breast milk), but obvs only if you are OK with that.

Your neighbor sounds like quite a piece of work! I am the more sensitive one in our household, too. I've taken to wearing an earplug on the worst nights (I sleep on my side, so only use a plug on the ear that isn't muffled by the pillow).

Works for me.

Catherine W said...

Ergh! Your neighbour doesn't sound very nice! Bless the lad on the other side though. We live next door to three 20 something single boys and they are really ever so good, I feel quite maternal towards them!

Poor little J. I'm glad that you finally got some attention for his tongue tie. I hope you can get it sorted.

My J had a large-ish umbilical hernia which resolved itself entirely. No need for surgery and she has quite a cute belly button now! You might be able to see how it used to look on fb!

Sorry that you are facing a GA, they are always worrying. Hopefully they will be able to find an alternative for you.

Wow J really is chunky! R doesn't weigh that at 6 months and I think they weighed quite similar amounts at birth! I never knew that about tongue tie, I would have assumed that the rapid weight gain would have meant he was simply thriving. I had to say you've done amazingly to keep up such frequent feeding.

We've got the same issue with carseats :( It's rubbish. R is too long, I don't really want to change him up into J's as it's forward facing and blargh!

And maternity leave. Double blargh! I'm going back in January, I really, really don't want to as have got pretty fond of hanging around with the kids all day. Hmmm, time to start nagging hubs again I think ;)

Sleep deprivation just makes everything seem so much worse. I woke at 5.30am this morning thinking that somebody had rung our doorbell (I get lots of head noises when I haven't slept!) and I left my handbag down by the side of my car the other day and drove off! It's amazing how powerful lack of sleep is! Hope that you get some rest soon and that all of these things iron themselves out with time.

car said...

Sorry that you have had so much dumped on your plate all at once. I hope that you can get some of it resolved and hopefully with the only surgery being on you.